About Tanzkomplizen


We are the first venue in Berlin to exclusively and continuously show dance for a young audience. Since 2019 we have been presenting our performances in the Schillertheater-Werkstatt in Charlottenburg.

Why should children and young people see dance?

Especially in a world where language dominates and movement plays a smaller role, it is important to become aware of one’s own physicality. Because that is what we are: bodies! Dance is the embodiment of an inner and outer world. Watching a dance piece is an interaction between the body of the spectator and the body of the dancer. Watching is a physical act without us having to move.

The movements of the dancers trigger associations and inner images, we ourselves get the desire to dance and expand our (cognitively trained) perception: emotions break out, abstract signs become just as important as unambiguities, dance and movement as artistic expression becomes visible and tangible. The workshops that we offer for each performance focus on the connection between looking, moving and reflecting in order to transfer what we see to our own reality of life.

Shouldn’t children and young people dance themselves?

Absolutely! That is why TANZKOMPLIZEN is part of TanzZeit, the extremely successful initiative that has been bringing dance as a school subject to schools since 2005. TanzZeit and TANZKOMPLIZEN thus combine self-awareness with artistic perception as a unique model project.

At the heart of TANZKOMPLIZEN are the choreographers and dancers who have made dance their profession. Their skills, virtuosity and imagination are the building blocks from which we are building the repertoire of contemporary, sparkling and exciting pieces for a young audience in the second TANZKOMPLIZEN year. We are very happy to have won these artists over for continuous development and are looking forward to their pieces!

(c) René Löffler


As a team, we combine our many years of experience in the fields of dance, performance, theatre, education and cultural management in order to offer our audience extraordinary performances.

We welcome everyone to come and watch contemporary dance for young audiences together and to exchange ideas: school classes, families, parents, teachers, dance enthusiasts, dance novices.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Livia Patrizi (artistic direction)
Thomas Dörschel (project lead)
Amelie Mallmann (education)
Laura Kraus (PR)