Family portrait 2: Fenster zum Hof

Foto: René-Löffler
  • 03.04.2021, 10:00 AM

von Elisa Zucchetti, Gemma und Oscar Fiedler

Age 8 and over / Year 3 and above

Venue: Podewil

A family’s busy daily routine is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Covid-19. Life will be different from now on, but how, exactly? The days slip by, full of the same old stuff: video calls, homeschooling, eating, sleeping … and then doing it all over again. Carving out a space for everyone to move around and live their life is far from easy. A Window onto the Courtyard lets mothers take part in their children’s games. Balloons fly about, becoming living creatures. The world of our imagination gradually seeps into the home. The indoor realm and the great outdoors become one.

Choreography and dance: Elisa Zucchetti, Gemma Fiedler, Oscar Fiedler
Choreographical assistance: Nandhan Molinaro
Outside Eye: Amelie Mallmann
Voices: Mareike Barmeyer, Thomas Fiedler
Lighting: Martin Pilz


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