W.A.M. We Are Monchichi


von Cie Wang Ramirez

Age 8 and over / Year 3 and above

Shihya was born in Taiwan and lives in Paris. Marco was born in Naples and lives in Berlin. Both carry prejudices about each other. Marco believes that Shihya is Chinese. Shihya insinuates that Marco always eats spaghetti. How can they nevertheless dance together? They carry each other, fly, fall, get angry, get up again and walk together. They watch each other try out different costumes and transform again and again. With a lot of humor they question their origins, their differences, their similarities. They tell a secret story.

World-renowned artist duo Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez combine classical ballet, hip-hop and martial arts to create a sensitive and colorful piece about prejudice and diversity. They developed W.A.M. back in 2010 and toured with it throughout Europe.

Artistic direction, conception, choreography: Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez
With: Marco Di Nardo and Shihya Peng
Text adaptation and actor direction: Fabrice Melquiot
Original dramaturgy: Vincent Rafis
Composition: Ilia Koutchoukov aka Everydayz /+∞
Light design: Cyril Mulon
Set design: Ida Ravn
Costumes: Honji Wang
Additional music: Bachar Mar-Khalifé/Balcoon, Carlos Gardel, Alva Noto, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Arrangement: Fabien Biron
Voice recording and sound arrangement: Clément Aubry