WE transfer #2


von TanzZeit Jugendcompany

Age 12 and over

Venue: Podewil

The dancers of the TanzZeit youth company embark on a journey through different dance worlds. From boogaloo to belly dance, from hiphop to tango to krump, they explore the relationships between history, words, dance and movement. In a room full of notes, the dancers set out to search, organize and remember. What have they experienced? What remains? What is inscribed in their bodies? Their experiences/stories/experiences open a door that lets us dive into the words. (What is hidden behind them?)

WE transfer #2 is the trace left by this journey through time and space. The dancers of the youth company, aged between 14 and 23, have been training since August 2021 under the direction of Florian Bilbao and the team. The piece WE transfer#2 takes up elements of the production WE transfer #1 and develops them further with new material and new dance styles.

Artistic Direction: Florian Bilbao
Choreography: Florian Bilbao und Wibke Storkan
Mentoring: Lucia Matzke, Fidan Sirin, Wibke Storkan, Tibi Szentmartony
Dance: Anas Allahham, Csilla Feher, Lina Görlitz, Jona Hermes, Jette Hielscher, Svenja Jendrzejowski, Tabea Kahl, Klara Liebig, Anna Moser, Heidi Luise Müller, Noémie Staab, Franka Teichert, Lioba Vendramin, Antonia Weise, Antonia Wolf
Experts: Leila Matzke (belly dance), Julian M. Elizari Romeo (tango), Lucia Matzke (krump)


Supported by the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung