Alles kaputt, oder?


von Felix Marchand

Age 11 and over / Year 5 and above

A man jumps over obstacles as though he’s in a video game. Suddenly his body disappears. What now? Wearing headphones, the audience members dive into their own acoustic world and transport the man to a room that looks like an exhibition space. There’s a grumpy caretaker wandering about here, bumping into things. A part breaks, and then another, and once again, he’s suddenly back as a character in a game that presents him with completely new possibilities for form and movement. Will he help the man to find his body again?

Direction/choreography: Felix Marchand

Script: Ayara Hernandez Holz

Performance: Felix Marchand, Anja Müller, Stevie Koglin

Music composition and sound design: Peter Memmer

Props and lighting design: Florian Bach

Production: LUPITA PULPO