von Michael Smith (The Farm)

Age 9 and over / Year 4 and above

Venue: At the school (in the playground or gym)

COWBOY tells the tale of a transformation. Australian dancer Michael Smith wants to find out how he will change if he starts behaving like a traditional cowboy. He gets the audience involved in creating a Wild West world where he feels strong and confident to perform his new part. But his imaginary horse is stubborn, the cowboy gets into a fight, and his attempt at flirting with a woman doesn’t work out quite as he had intended. In the end, was it all worth hiding his own personality?

COWBOY explores the roles that we all slip into in order to feel better, cooler and stronger. The dancer examines stereotypes of masculine behaviour and gets the audience thinking about finding one’s own identity, with plenty of humour thrown in.

Every performance is accompanied by a workshop where participants can try out the movements and roles. The class talks to the dancer about what it means to play roles, be it in school or on the stage.

Choreography/dance: Michael Smith/The Farm
Script: Gavin Webber, Marty Couttes, Liesel Zink
Sound: Ben Ely, Anna Whitaker
Lighting: Chloe Ogilive

Booking info overview:

Target group: Year 4–9
Duration: 90 minutes (piece: 45 minutes, workshop: 45 minuten)
Costs: €5 per pupil
Period for booking: 2–22 May 2019
Venue: Playground (or the gym in the event of inclement weather)
To get in touch or book, please contact Amelie Mallmann:, tel. 030-247 49 790