Fabulous / Erden

© René Löffler

von Tanzkomplizen, HZT Berlin and Offensive Tanz

age 9 and over / year 4 and above

Dominique Tegho and Veronika Heisig are studying choreography at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz (HZT) Berlin and will soon complete their master’s degrees. For TANZKOMPLIZEN they are dealing for the first time with working for children and young people and are both developing an approx. 30-minute piece.


A swarm swirls through the air and lands softly, many-legged creatures hop and tumble away, and cheeky creatures dance in circles. In “Fabulous”, the dancers are constantly transforming. Who and what can they be? They appear and disappear, transform into each other and merge with their surroundings. They can be one and two and many at the same time. They are always trying out new bodies and forms, and in each there are new powers and abilities, but also challenges to explore.

Choreography and Dance: Veronika Heisig und Manuel Lindner
Stage and costumes: Mina Purešić
Music: N.N.


“ERDEN: becoming earth”

How can we inhabit a damaged planet? In “ERDEN: becoming earth”, the dancers connect with each other to promote ecological reconciliation. To do this, they come into contact with the skin of the earth: the rocks. Singing, humming and dancing together – with each other and with the rocks – helps to survive and find new ways of living together for a more sustainable future. “ERDEN: becoming earth” is a piece that focuses on the habitability of the earth and emphasizes the relationship between humans and all other beings.

Choreography: Dominique Tegho
Dance: Dominique Tegho, Matilde Bassetti
Music: Alex Rapp
Stage: Anna Klaine
Costumes: Dominique Tegho
Video: Marcos Nacar
Light: Vito Walter


The performances will take place as part of the young talent platform JUNGES BLUT. Following the May 12 performance, there will be a panel discussion on “Dance for Young Audiences in Dance and Choreography Education: Perspectives and Opportunities.” More info can be found here: tanzkomplizen.de/junges-blut

The two pieces are created in cooperation between TANZKOMPLIZEN and the HZT Berlin.