Füreinander gemacht


von Grayson Millwood (The Farm)

Age 9 and over / Year 4 and above

Venue: Podewil

Imaginary friends: every child is familiar with them, and some adults even have them. The sheer power of our imagination is enough to bring these beings almost to life and ease the hours of solitude. They’re always there to talk, dance or laugh with you, or even form a band together.

But the hero of this tale doesn’t have quite enough imagination. He plants his friends on a plot of land, like you would with flowers. But what now? Does he have to raise these freshly blossomed people from scratch? Can he decide how they should behave and what they’ll want to do … and that they’ll like him? What happens if they suddenly want to be independent?

Based on his successful piece MAKE DO, Grayson Millwood has devised a new choreographical work, this time featuring dancers and artists. Together they create a magical fantasy work that raises some unsettling questions.

Idea & choreography: Grayson Millwood / The Farm
Dance: Tatiana Saphir, Gabriel Galindez Cruz, Chris Scherer
Script: Jeff Wood
Staging: Brad Hwang
Sound: Johannes Malfatti
Lighting: Martin Pilz