In der Dunkelwelt


von Joachim Schloemer

Age 9 and over / Year 4 and above

Venue: Podewil

What makes us angry? Do we really have any cause to be? Why do we argue? And where do all these feelings come from? Emotional outbursts and mood swings are all par for the course during the transition between childhood and the teenage years. This can be rather alarming and unsettling. How can you get along better with yourself and what’s around you during this phase? Three dancers pack up their tent, leave their smartphones behind and spend a night in the forest. They enter another world and are confronted with their dreams and fears. At the end, they are drawn towards a gleaming light. They breathe easily again. Something has changed. They have changed.

This is a piece about overcoming fear and daring to take on the risks and new experiences that make children strong.

Foto: Rainer Berson

Foto: Rainer Berson

Foto: Rainer Berson

Foto: Rainer Berson

In der Dunkelwelt

Foto: Rainer Berson | mumok, Haus-Rucker-Co, Riesenbillard, Rekonstruktion 2019

Choreography, lighting: Joachim Schloemer

Dramatic composition: Corinne Eckenstein

Dancers: Maartje Pasman, Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, Sami Similä

Stage, costumes: Anne-Sophie Raemy

Music: Jóhann Jóhannsson, Valentin Danler

Assistant Director: Naima Rabinowich

Video: Markus Wintersberger


A co-production by Dschungel Wien (A), TANZKOMPLIZEN and theater casino Zug (CH). With support from reso – Tanznetzwerk Schweiz and the Austrian Culture Forum, Berlin.


Dance Mediation

The performances on 24, 26 and 29 September will be followed by a lively discussion. ->click here for the accompanying material