Family portrait 1: ORBIT


von Laurie Young, Grayson und Milo Millwood

Age 6 and over / Year 1 and above

In astronautics and astronomy, an ORBIT is the path of an object around a celestial body. The Earth orbits the Sun, and the Moon the Earth. The planets revolve around the Sun, too. Sometimes a family’s home becomes a place where everyone is revolving around each other. Have they fallen into an endless loop? Or a common rhythm? And is it possible to break away and leave your orbit temporarily?

Through dance, mother, father and son grant us an insight into their day-to-day life during lockdown. Buzzing thoughts, floating objects and magical movements come together to create an enchanting piece of choreography for children aged 6 and over.

Foto: René Löffler

Choreography and dance: Laurie Young, Grayson Millwood, Milo Millwood
Music: Karsten Lipp
Lighting: Martin Pilz

Mobile shows in schools

We’d be delighted to put on this show for your school. It can be staged in a gym, an auditorium or a playground. It is followed by a 45-minute workshop. Total cost: €5 per pupil. For enquiries, please contact Amelie Mallmann:

Dance mediation

Performances are followed by a stimulating discussion.


“ORBIT gives an insight into the absurdities of a family’s daily routines and the way that time seems to happen in circles. It’s a cool performance that’s both fun and has something magical about it.” (David, audience member)