Schwerkraft leicht gemacht


von Hermann Heisig and Nuno Lucas

Age 9 and over / Year 4 and above

At some point in our lives. we’ve all wished that we could fly.

In ‘Schwerkraft leicht gemacht’, Hermann Heisig gives it a try, recklessly exposing himself to gravity in different ways. His body becomes a test object for material properties, resistance and vibration.
In a series of ludicrous self-experiments, he fires himself up, exposes himself to centrifugal forces, falls down, gets back up again and attempts to fly with the help of magical incantations that he has composed himself.

Having wrestled ferociously with mass, strength, space and time, he finally gets the opportunity to go into space …

(c) René Löffler

(c) René Löffler

(c) René Löffler

(c) René Löffler

Choreography: Nuno Lucas and Hermann Heisig
Dance: Hermann Heisig
Staging: Morana Mazuran
Composition/sound design: Aurélien Vieira Lino
Costumes: Marie Gerstenberger
Lighting: Martin Pilz

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Mondlandung & Flugerdnüsse


In cooperation with the PURPLE International Dance Festival for Young Audiences
With funding from the Fonds Darstellende Künste (Performing Arts Fund)


Foto oben: Mohammad Alizade/René Löffler