Wann fängt die Zukunft an?


von Nora Amin and team

Age 5 and over / Year 1 and above

Venue: Atrium Berlin, Senftenberger Ring 97, 13435 Berlin

“When will the future begin?” asks the donkey. “Where’s the nicest place to live?” ponders the camel. There’s sand everywhere: in their pelts, among the bitter herb leaves and coating the sweet dates that the animals are sometimes given to eat. It crunches between their teeth and swirls in the air when the wind whips up sharply between the rocks, whistling like a flute. Driven by hunger and a longing for a better world, the camel decides to wander the desert alone, while the donkey opts to stay put and plant some date palms. Will they encounter new companions and find happiness in a place without sand?

An actor and four musicians have created this music and dance-based stage play based on the children’s book Wüstenfreunde (‘Desert Friends’) by Bettina Obrecht. The score tells the story through Egyptian folk songs and European Baroque music.


Music: Jia Lim, Grégory d’Hoop, Sigrun Pleißner

Drama/dance: Nora Amin

Language/images: Sigrun Pleißner


In cooperation with TUKI im Kiez. TUKI im KIEZ is a project by JugendKulturService gGmbH. Dance mediation


The performance will be followed by a 30-minute workshop with the team.


Foto: Christina Donner