Wenn der Körper spricht


von Hanna Hegenscheidt

Age 6 and over / Year 1 and above

Can you dance like a robot?
Can you dance letters?
Can you dance your bedroom?

Dance backwards, explode, be a leaf in the wind … you can do it all without words. When the body speaks, language takes a backseat. And when the body dances, it has a language all of its own.

In his piece choreographed by Hanna Hegenscheidt, a dancer interacts with a girl on the screen. She gives him orders for how he should dance. But who could possibly fulfil those demands for rapid repetitions, contortions and impossible turns? One thing’s for certain: being a dancer is a challenging job, especially if you have a little girl as your choreographer! 

(c) René Löffler

(c) René Löffler

Premiere: 23/11/2016

Choreography: Hanna Hegenscheidt
Performance: Martin Clausen
In the video: Lotta Hegenscheidt
Staging and costume: Hanna Hegenscheidt
Video: Maxim Wittenbecher, Florian Japp
Script: Ulrich Huhn, Livia Patrizi
Lighting: Martin Pilz