Fabulous / Erden

von Tanzkomplizen, HZT Berlin and Offensive Tanz

age 9 and over / year 4 and above

Two contemporary dance pieces full of magic and hope, curiosity and transformation. mehr

A Human Race

von Grichka Caruge

Age 11 and over / Year 6 and above

A KRUMP piece about the power of dance in opposing racism and inequality. mehr


von Tasha Hess-Neustadt und Eevi Kinnunen

Age 5 and over / Year 1 and above

Two superheroes travel through the galaxy and explore colourful fantasy worlds full of objects, colours and sounds. mehr


von TanzZeit Campus Company

Age 12 and over / Year 7 and above

What if you had to choose a single moment in life to relive over and over again? mehr

OZ – The magic in us

von Joy Alpuerto Ritter

Age 11 and over / Year 6 and above

An urban dance fairy tale about the art of saying no and about the question of how to find oneself in times of crisis. mehr

I need a hero

von Camilla Pölzer

Age 9 and over / Year 4 and above

Don't we all want to be a hero? Strong, extraordinary, able to do anything and perhaps even achieve something very special? But isn't that a blatant pressure to perform? mehr

Dance Machines

von Regina Rossi

Age 11 and over / Year 5 and above

A multimedia performance, in which the analogue and virtual worlds exchange and collaborate. Using tools such as VR glasses and headphones, participants can experience what the dance lessons of the future might look like. mehr

W.A.M. We Are Monchichi

von Cie Wang Ramirez

Age 8 and over / Year 3 and above

World-renowned artist duo Wang Ramirez combines classical ballet, hip-hop and martial arts to create a sensitive and colorful piece about prejudice and diversity. mehr

Kleine große Sprünge

von Jasmin İhraç

Age 6 and over / Year 1 and above

Four dancers and a musician dare to do something different. They embark on a bold quest through different worlds, where they must face challenges and overcome obstacles. mehr

Füreinander gemacht

von Grayson Millwood (The Farm)

Age 9 and over / Year 4 and above

It’s good to have a true friend. But what if he exists only in our imagination? And what happens when he comes alive? mehr

We Transfer #1

von Florian Bilbao, in collaboration with Lucia Matzke, Wibke Storkan and Tibor Szentmártony

Age 14 and over

A lecture performance on the history of dance. mehr


von Felix Marchand

Age 5 and over / Preschool

At first there is only a wall of shelves, they are white and stable and neat. But what happens when Felix, the dancer, meets Billy, the shelf? mehr