Kleine große Sprünge

von Jasmin İhraç

Age 6 and over / Year 1 and above

Four dancers and a musician dare to do something different. They embark on a bold quest through different worlds, where they must face challenges and overcome obstacles. mehr


von Felix Marchand

Age 5 and over / Preschool

At first there is only a wall of shelves, they are white and stable and neat. But what happens when Felix, the dancer, meets Billy, the shelf? mehr

We are the monsters

von Colette Sadler

Age 5 and over / Preschool / Year 1 and above

A tower of tracksuit tops with legs, a golden creature with a button and a running fleece: meet the Monster Family! mehr

Schwerkraft leicht gemacht

von Hermann Heisig and Nuno Lucas

Age 9 and over / Year 4 and above

How can a human fly? Simply by stretching out his arms and ascending into the air. That would work ... wouldn’t it? mehr

Wenn der Körper spricht

von Hanna Hegenscheidt

Age 6 and over / Year 1 and above

In this piece choreographed by Hanna Hegenscheidt, a dancer interacts with a girl on the screen. mehr


von The Farm (Grayson Millwood and Gavin Webber)

Age 13 and over / Year 7 and above

How does collaboration work? How does it even come about? mehr

Normen, Normen, Normen!

von Niels „Storm“ Robitzky

Age 12 and over / Year 6 and above

Hip hop at its best: four dancers and a surprise guest perform an amusing take on standards and rules. mehr

Sei Wasser, mein Freund

von Ira Demina

Age 6 and over / Year 1 and above

Imagine if a human body had three different states and was constantly changing from one to another. mehr